Update: Ernesto Romero’s roof repair

Remember Ernesto, the Iraq veteran in our previous post? Well, we’ve received updates from the Houston chapter about his recent roof repair! Prior to receiving the grant, Ernesto’s home insurance was terminated because of his roof’s poor condition. Through the foundation, the Houston chapter, and Lone Star Veterans Association, Ernesto was able to have it fixed. The grant was just the financial boost he needed to make sure that his family is safe and comfortable. From Ernesto:

“I feel great about [the roof] now that it’s windy, I can hear the difference since I don’t hear my shingles flapping from the wind picking them up….I don’t have to worry about the roof flying off in some of the heavy wind we have been having. I cant’t explain my gratitude for what the AREAA association has done for me and my family by doing this big repair to my home. Thank you.”

To our donors, here’s to your generosity coming to fruition!

Photos courtesy of AREAA Houston.

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