Donate today to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey! Offline and online donations raised: $17,730 (as of 11/3/17)
$10,230 donated
57 Donors

As of November 3, online and offline donations have totaled $17,730. Thank you to the following individuals and AREAA chapters for coming together to raise funds:

AREAA Orange County, San Diego, SF Peninsula, Greater Seattle

Tina Mak

Von Truong

Tina Balch

Hope Atuel

Gina Duncan

Ninoska Fabbri

Mike Bui

Rela Manigsaca

Herman Chan

Young Ahn

Carmen Chong

Ronda Day

Eva Mok

James Huang

Rhonda Faleafine

Bryan Ahn

Sonny Chan

Garrick Yan

Chol Kim

Dawn Lin

Susan Annoura

Gloria Cbu


Harold/Melanie Pruessing/Saulnier

Kenneth Li

Thien Nguyen

Josie Lin

Sonny Chan

Angela Barnett


Lynne Tovar

Shelley Stricker

Melvin Leon Guerrero

Chris Nam

Vicky Silvano

Casey Kang

Amy Hu

Carla Prince

Tony Ngo

Jodi king

David T. Chan

Elisa Lo

Ken Avelino

Kareen Shanks

Zar Zanganeh

Cassandra Mor

sara Lu

Julia Miller

Julie Kang

Linh Nguyen

Christine Chau

Lori Goto

Betty Nguyen

Jim Park

Wai-Yew Lam

Gayle Montisano

Jane Jan

Allan Yee

Amy Connell

Dottie Sheppick

Becky Kilfoy

Helena Kwee

Qianlin Cui


The campaign isn’t over just as the rebuilding is still ongoing. We encourage you to continue giving and spreading the word. 100% of your tax-deductible donations will go towards housing needs for those who were devastated by tropical storm Harvey. Click the button to donate today, and please stay tuned for further updates. 

Thank you for your generosity!

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