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Help us raise funds to re-house residents at Golden Wheel Mobile Home Park!
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Last February, the waters of Coyote Creek in Silicon Valley crested after two weeks of torrential rains. Anderson Reservoir, the largest in the Santa Clara county, overflowed into the creek and caused a severe flood that affected more than 14,000 residents. According to the LA Times, this was the worst San Jose flood in a century.

Many of the homes were damaged beyond repair, and one of the most devastated communities is Golden Wheel Mobile Home Park.

Quick facts about Golden Wheel:
* Located at a vulnerable spot near the dam (downstream)
* Out of the 221 units, 150 were damaged
* 130 residents are Vietnamese

The rebuilding efforts are ongoing, but we need your contribution so that we can re-house more people much faster. The AREAA Silicon Valley chapter has partnered with Google, AREAA Education Foundation, and Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley to repair flood-damaged homes at Golden Wheel this Fall.

Your tax-deductible donation will help provide materials for the repair. The residents will also receive language support to understand the rebuilding efforts through AREAA Silicon Valley. To make this happen, we need your help.

Would you help us meet our goal or exceed it?
Donate today for the residents of Golden Wheel because their
fresh start is in our hands.


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